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Sous Vide also known as low temperature cooking, was developed in 1974 to reduce
shrinkage when preparing foie gras. Development of the technique resulted in an
unexpected low shrinkage of less than 5% compared to the 40% seen with conventional
cooking methods.
Souse Vide cooking has been proven to produce consistent, high quality results every
time: retaining vitamins, micro nutrients, and mineral salts fat compositions are not
altered - resulting in a noticeably better taste and texture.
Due to a temperature consistency of ±0.01°C chefs are able to prepare fish, meat or
vegetables exactly as desired. Once the preferred temperature is reached, it can be kept
constant for hours - making it virtually impossible to over cook any type of food. Using
water as the heating medium guarantees that the temperature is the same at every point
in the bath/vessel.
Consider all of these advantages Sous Vide cooking provided a real alternative to
conventional cooking methods. Maximize kitchen efficiency, save on overhead expenses,
and increase menu quality.

• Retains all nutrients
• Highest possible food quality
• Improves kitchen time management and efficiency
• Reduces shrinkage loss to max. 5%
• Preserves the natural flavour of the food
• Saves money due to more efficient cooking and reduces spoilage
• Freshness, color and appearance remain unchanged until serving
• Constantly reliable results due to ±0.01°C temperature
• No moisture loss, minimal shrinkage
• No more over cooking

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