Terms & Conditions

  1. No goods will be delivered without payment reflecting in our account.
  2. Goods returned by client that were delivered correctly will result in a 20% handling fee.
  3. Some items are not held at out warehouse these items could take up to 7-14 days to be delivered.
  4. If an item cannot be supplied once payment was made by the client Caterlynx will refund the client with 48 hours for the item sold out.
  5. Pictures on the website may differ to the actual product supplied.
  6. Please note that we only Deliver to ground floor of building, we do not take goods up lifts or stairs.
  7. Please note that we reserve the right to repair items under warranty. Goods Returned under warranty need to be assessed by our technician should we find the item was misused or damaged by the client we will quote on the repair. Should goods be repair and unpaid by the Client Caterlynx (Pty) Ltd has the right to sell these goods to recover costs and storage fees will also apply.
  8. Once goods are signed for the Client will be liable and no shortages or damages will be accepted.
  9. Please note that all catering equipment fall under the manufactures warranty which is held by the manufacture. Caterlynx do not manufacture any catering equipment. Should the item be faulty it will need to be return to Caterlynx by the client at there own expenses as all Catering Equipment is carry in warranty only. All items will be inspected and assessed by they manufacture , should the item be faulty due to a Manufacture fault it will be fixed under the warranty should it fall on in the date before the warranty expires. Should if be found the equipment was not used properly and was damaged by the client or misused we will quote on the repair. Should the Client reject the Quote the supplier will still charge an assessment fee of up to R750
  10. Please note that some items on the website may be discontinued and we were not notified by our supplier. We try keep our website up to date at all times , but will miss items now and again. Should this happen we will offer a substitute at the best possible price.
  11. Any clients with Damages or Returns outside a 50km radius of our warehouse need to return the goods at their own cost as this falls under a walk in warranty.
  12. All prices advertised are subject to change without warning.
  13. Please call the office to check stock on Catering Equipment before paying. Please note manufactured items take between 10-14 days to make from the deposit of  75% - Caterlynx.

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